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(F/N) - first name.
Reader’s P.O.V
       Depression… Suicidal thoughts… Bullies… All those things are my nightmares. But my worst fear is those nightmarish looking animatronics. They’vd been stalking me for about 10 months. Each night and day is a tortune me. I’ve always getting bullied at school. I would get a punch, a smack and loads of cruel words. It was beggining to go deeper in my heart. Even my parients don’t care. They just beat me up even more and cut my skin. The best time for me is being alone. But one night things have changed. I made a friend. That night I was sitting on my bed, thinking about all I’ve suffered through when I felt bloody tears on my eye. I only had one eye, because I cut the other off and always wear a blanket to cover up my eye. At that time Ididn’t know that nightmare Bonnie came in my room. At first he was thirsty of my blood, but the feeling faded away when he saw my bloody tears on my eyes. He was curious of what happened.

N. Bonnie’s P.O.V

        I sneaked in the child’s bedroom, but hat I saw was unexpecting. He was sitting on his bed staring at the sealing. I started walking towards him only to be stopped dead from what i saw. He had bloody tears and a blanket on his left eye. I walked up to him and slightly poked his shoulder since I had sharp claws. He turned around and I was very surprised that he didn’t scream or show any kind of fear. Normaly other kids scream from fear from seeing us. He definitely is a different type of child. What he said was truly  unexpected to me. “ Will you eat me?” I just shook my head as an answer but asked “ What happened to you? ” “ At school I am always bullied, at home I’m always uncared and hated.” He said lifting his blanket that was covering his left eye. My jaw almost fell from my head when I saw what was in there. There was no eye! “ I did this to myself because of my bullies and my parients, but even worse” he lifted both of his sleeves to show me dozens of cuts. “ I did them too. The bullies made me do it. But the worst thing is that I’m suicidal everytime!” He started crying, but quickly stopped because of a hug and a kiss from me. “ Don’t worry, (F/N), I will keep you safe.” The next night was truly a nightmare for me. I saw (F/N) sitting in an blood pool with a knife. “(F/N)! “ I shouted and ran to him. I grabed and layed him down on his bed and went to take the first aid kit. “ NOW THEY OVERDID IT.” I growled and called Chica to get in the room since I introdused him to everyone. The footsteps were heard from outside the room. chica came in. “ What is it Bon? “ She asked. “ Could you please take care fo (F/N) for a bit? “ I asked her being angry. “ Yeah, but what happened to him? “ She asked not wanting to see me even angrier. “ I believe he cut himself again.”
N.Chica’s P.O.V
       Then he walked somewhere. “ Wait, Bon, where are you going? “ I asked in concern. “ To take revenge on (F/N)’s bullies.” He said walking away. I turned to (F/N). He had plaster all over his body. I looked towards the spot where he first layed. I turned to (F/N) again. “ Poor little (F/N).” I said to myself. “ He didn’t deserve this kind of life.” I said more as I slightly put my paws on his chest. I truly cared about (F/N) since he gave us a chance to befriend him. “ Did ‘e do it again? “ I hear N. Foxy’s voice. “ Yes and much deeper one tonight.” I said. My voice slightly shiver from sadness. Foxy obviously notiset that and sat next to me. “ He be okay, lass.” He said. “ You think so? “ I asked in hope to see (F/N) again. “ Yes m’ lass. Besides he knows that we care about him and that’s why he has a chance to live on.” He said. “ I heard what happened back then.” A new voice interrupted us. It was N. Freddy. “ Poor (F/N). H e had suffered so much in his life.” He sat up next to us as his children got up from him and hugged sleeping (F/N). Finally, 2 hours have passed and (F/N) woke up. As that time Bonnie had returned.” Ah, I see you woke up, (F/N)! “ He said. “What happened while I was passed out? “ (F/N) asked. “ You cut yourself againd, (F/N), but we took good care of you.” I said. “ Really? “ “ Yes m’ lad.” N.Foxy said. (F/N) slightly smiled and said. “ Thank you all so much for caring about me. Withought you I would be dead now.” “ Welcome back, (F/N)! “ Three new voices appeared slightly scaring us. It was Nightmare and N. Fredbear with Plushtrap on his shoulder. At that time we secretly smiled to each other knowing that (F/N)’s birthday will be in 2 weeks.
Reader’s P.O.V
      They all are such a great friends now. I don’t know what would happen to me if I was alone now. They actually do care about me and showed me respect. Not like my bullies. “ (F/N), I took care of your bullies while you was passed out.” N.Bonnie said. “ I was so outraged that I killed them. I’m sorry if you didn’t wanted me to…” He started saying. “ Don’t be, Bon. It’s actually a good thing, because from now on there won’t be any cutting skins off, no insults. I should thank you on the other hand. So thank you so much for caring about me. You all mean everything to me.” I quickly said interrupting Bonnie. They all smiled at me and said. “ You’re welcome, (F/N). Anything for our precious friend.” Then we all joined a big group hug.
time skip to 2 weeks, daytime

Out of all my family, only my grandmother care about me. She knows that I’m being bullied at school and home, so she sends me some money to support me. From my savings I have bought myself an new guitar since I’m a proffetional musician. I was studying at arts school. And of course I’ve printed some notes to learn and by night I was done. I was playing (song name) when the clock chimed 12 in the midnight. Finally! I thought that the time won’t come. I thought to myself as I  continued to play my guitar.

N. Bonnie’s P.O.V

Finally the time struck 12! We finally get to see (F/N) again. Though we need to make him an unforgetable present since it’s his birthday today. We all are very happy. He turned 14 today. We decided to make three super large pizzas and have a biggest party ever! It took 2 hours to make the pizzas, but we managed to make them with Chicas incredible cooking skills. We were finally going to the corridor next to (F/N)’s bedroom, but tonight was a bit different one. We heard melody in his room. A very beautiful one. Does he play an instrument? We were all very surprised to know that he does. Anyway, we slowly walked into the room and waited for (F/N) to finish his song. “(F/N)! ” We all said loud enough for him to hear us. He turned tu us and smiled. “ Hey everyone! “ “Happy birthday, (F/N)! “ We cheered and uncovered our present with paper fireworks and decorations. We could tell that he was shocked at first, but almost hugged us to death. Heh, he’s very happy now.

Reader’s P.O.V

I couldn’t believe it! They knew my birhtday date?! Still I was very overjoyed by the surprise and thanked a millions of times. I was very happy. I once more gave them a massive hug. We had a great night party and enjoyed ourselves until morning. We all obviously notised that and N. Freddy asked me. ”(f/n),as for th last present, we’d like to invite you to live with us. We all agreed to take you in our secret world.” “ You mean it? ” He asked for hope. “ Aye, we do, lad. We’d love to have you there.” N/ Foxy said and smiled widely. “ Yes, I want to live with you guys! You mean everything to me. You’r the best! “ He cheered. “ Let’s go then! “ N. Fredbear with Nightmare said. And we all headed home to live an new and million times better life. Besides, no human cares about me and they probably won’t even notise that I’m gone. But before I went with my friends to live, I took my guitar with me and we then left this world. Life will finally be perfect to me and we were all very happy. We even started singing some songs we like along the way to my new home. We left with no facing my house. But by the time I did, it was out of my sight.

Note: this is the fanficion I wanted to upload 2 days ago when I posted my coment on my last fanfiction. Again, I'm sorry it took so long to do it. I had english and lithuanian exams to take care first. But now I'm free and will post my fanfics as often as I can. But anyway I hope you like it! And also let me know in the comments below what you want me to do next and if it's not very good, tell me what's wrong and I'll try to get better. Anyway, love you all and see you soon.
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That....was should make a part two of what they do in that world.
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I can try to do. Thanks for suggesting.
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