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N.Freddy and abused child reader - a great dance
(S/N) - Song name
(F/G) - Favourite game
                     Nightmare freddy and abused child reader - a great dance
Reader’s P.O.V
   All these years… all these bloody years I was constantly bullied at school and home. I just can’t even get home withought tons of bruises, cuts and punches in stomack. Today was the same - cruel words, slaps in the face, constant beatings at school. When the school finally ended today, I rushed home as fast as I could. One thing surprised me when I got home. I found a note on the kitchen table. It said: “We won’t be back tonight until 8 o’clock in the morning. Don’t mess up the house. Mom and dad” I growled “It’s like you don’t care about me.” I then ate the lunch. “ At least for one day I won’t get any beating from them” I thought loudly. Little did I know that someone was watching me.
:iconworms321:worms321 1 3
FNaF4 and bullied reader - My turn
FNaF nightmares and bullied reader - My turn. (part 2 of happy birthday)
(F/N)’s P.O.V
   It has been 6 years from the day I’ve left my home. It felt really good to have a normal life, a life that is perfect. Today is the start of a summer holiday and I was jus hanging out with my nightmare animatronic friends.They are actually very fun to live with. Sometimes we have a great parties, other times when I’m sad and feeling depressed, they come to me to have friendly chats. You will not believe me, but there were times when my friends were lonely and sad, so I come to cheer them up and keep them company. But there was a night that i won’t forget. The night was dark and long. I was in the kitchen with N. Chica helping her with the pizzas. At that time i hear a loud crash. We both flinched and turned our heads to the direction of the sound. “I’ll go and check it out” I said. “Be carefull, (F/N).” I just nodded my head and left.
:iconworms321:worms321 0 0
FNaF4 x bullied reader - Happy birthday!
(F/N) - first name.
Reader’s P.O.V
       Depression… Suicidal thoughts… Bullies… All those things are my nightmares. But my worst fear is those nightmarish looking animatronics. They’vd been stalking me for about 10 months. Each night and day is a tortune me. I’ve always getting bullied at school. I would get a punch, a smack and loads of cruel words. It was beggining to go deeper in my heart. Even my parients don’t care. They just beat me up even more and cut my skin. The best time for me is being alone. But one night things have changed. I made a friend. That night I was sitting on my bed, thinking about all I’ve suffered through when I felt bloody tears on my eye. I only had one eye, because I cut the other off and always wear a blanket to cover up my eye. At that time Ididn’t know that nightmare Bonnie came in my room. At first he was thirsty of my blood, but the feeling faded away when
:iconworms321:worms321 1 2
FNaF - Freddy X male bullied abused reader
FNAF - Freddy x male abused negative reader
reader’s P.O.V
“Attention whore!”
“Worthless piece of trash!”
“Look at him. He’s so ugly!”
“Just die already!”
These were the worlds that I hear every day in the school. I try to avoid them, but instead I get a punch in my face and stomack. This had been going for 10 years now. Everytime I’m at school, I get even deepier abuses. Because of that, I’m always negative and suicidal. I tried to talk to my parients, but everytime I mention it, I get get a slap in my face and more cruel words. And did I mention that the bullying is all because I’m better musician than others are. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so done with this bullshit. Because of them I don’t have a peaceful minute to relax. And oh, just to say, I even started cutting myself, spetially arms with a knife. I even cut one of my eyes, so I have to be with something on it. My whole body
:iconworms321:worms321 18 6


The Heart of a Lion, White Lion Cub TF
    "We seem to be very popular here." said Kali, the White Lioness.  "Indeed." Kemba gave a yawn as he showed his sharp teeth to the crowd. "Humans really seem to like us since our fur is a different color."
    "Indeed, it's not everyday a Lion is born with fur as white as snow." Kali said. "I feel like a...what to those humans call...celebrity?" "but we are not perfect, I think we need a Cub." Kali said, thinking about how all the other felines have Cubs. "Why Kali, is that an invitation? I feel flattered, but I would rather not do it while we are being watched." Kemba snickered
    Kali looked at her mate, with a confused face. "No... You know very well our kind can't do that, we have to... Choose one of them" she said pointing at the humans. "We can still do it for fun." He can't help but snicker "Wait, isn't there some new human who was hired to feed us?"
    "Are you referring to the zookee
:iconaphoenixofbluefire:aPhoenixOfBlueFire 39 6
Lion man in school (Anthro Lion TF, Muscle Growth)
It was another day for Liam to go to school again on a cold day in November, when the leaves pile up on the grass, making it orange more than green, and when Christmas and Thanksgiving advertisements are starting to creep around your way. Beats all the political commercials though; those can get incredibly irritating and unbearable. Sadly Liam had some unfortunate things to look to every day he went inside school. It wasn't the boring social studies or science classes, not even his boring advanced math class. No, it was the vicious bullies that tormented poor Liam for his glasses, chubby weight and slightly full cheeks, and his inability to fit in quickly with everyone else or being unable to instantly get the girls in his class and school to like him. They were in the eighth grade just like he was, and he lavishes and dreads the day when they make his life a living Hell on earth, let alone seeing them pass by him in the hallway. It sucked ass when his father's job relocated as a sales
:iconneon-ian:Neon-Ian 35 6
A Pirates Favorite Treasure ch:3
Foxy x HalfFox!M!child!Reader
Chapter 3: I Understand
'I was called. How did this even happen!? I never even signed up for this!' [~] thought. He tried to move out of the crowd, but they blocked him and cleared a path for Foxy to walk over to him. He scooped [~] up, "Well, lad. We meet again." "H-hello." "I can tell ye be a bit shy, why don't we go to me cove for some privacy?" "O-okay." Foxy walked over to Pirates Cove. It was empty, except for a stage. [~] saw how dark it was, and hid his eyes. "Lad? Ye okay?" "I'm fine." "Well, ye seem ta be avoiding me? I'm sorry if I'm scarin' ye, but I'm just excited is all." Foxy then looked to [~] and saw a small, (color) glow coming from his face. [~] closed his eyes, but that didn't seem to stop the glowing. "Lad? What wrong with yer eyes?" "Nothing." Foxy seemed to understand that [~] didn't want to talk about it. "Never mind, I see ye are 'avin a hard time opening up. I understand." [~] looked at Foxy, who's ears had drooped. He felt bad, e
:iconskokul-the-dragon:Skokul-The-Dragon 6 0
A Pirates Favorite Treasure ch:1
Foxy x HalfFox!M!Reader
Chapter 1: Orphaned
(f/c)=fur color, (e/c)=eye color, [~]=your name, =last name
"I hate you! Why can't you be normal, huh!? But no. I have to be the parent of some f&$@'d up half breed son!" [~]'s dad threw him into the basement. [~] had an abusive dad, and a mother who walked out on them when he was 3. She had left because of [~]. He was part fox. He had a tail and ears of a fox, and his feet were big paws, covered in (f/c) color fur that went up to his knees. His dad, because his wife left him, took out his rage out on [~]. [~] had landed at the bottom of the stairs, landing on his (f/c) tail. He yelped, and his dad closed the door, leaving him in darkness. [~]'s (e/c) eyes began to glow. He looked around, until he saw an old phone. Running over to it, [~] picked it up, and called 911. Surprised, someone had picked up.
"911 what's your emergency?"
"H-hello? Please, send help! My dads locked me in the basement and he's getting his nightstick."
"Okay, Hun. What'
:iconskokul-the-dragon:Skokul-The-Dragon 10 2
Mature content
Bowser X Male!Reader pt: 3 (Lemon) :iconskokul-the-dragon:Skokul-The-Dragon 14 6
Bowser X Male!Reader
Ch 1: From Best Friend...
*BZZZZT* [~] woke up from his sleep to hear his phone ringing. "Who *yawns* calls at 4 in the morning?" He picked up his phone and answered it. *groggy*"Hello?" "[~]? Are you awake?" "Bowser Jr.? Why are you calling at 4 in the morning?" "It's dad. He's been locked in his room all night and now we are hearing thrashing. I think he's upset." *sighs* "Alright, I'll be over at 6. Just make sure he doesn't brake anything, or anyone." [~] hung up and fell back on his bed. "Oh Bowser. You big fool..." He looked over at a picture of him and the Koopa King from when they were Nine. "Heh, can't believe he still wore a bib."
{ [~] had just moved to the Mushroom Kingdom and it was his first day of school. He felt off at first, seeing as how he was the only human, but, he felt better when he saw five others. Their names were Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Peach. He ended up friending Peach and Luigi and still kept in touch with them.. Now, at recess, he remembered seei
:iconskokul-the-dragon:Skokul-The-Dragon 32 4
Threesome by hasegawa-YU Threesome :iconhasegawa-yu:hasegawa-YU 125 28
Hiccup X Reader Chapter 11: Safe And Sound
My body is freezing from the icy waters and then my skin felt like it's on fire, until to the point I can't feel a thing...I'm numb...
I feel like that I'm in a dark cave, where nothing is but pitch black. There's no sound, there's barely anything! " Hello!! " I shout into the nothingness as my voice echoes and slowly fades away. Placing my hands out as I slowly move them around while walking straightforward to see if I can find anything. It kinda bugs me that even with my eyes open, I can't see anything at all..Until a small light that's shining just up ahead. It starts to get bigger as it flies towards me. Getting ready to grab my knife from my boot, which I just realize now that it's no longer there. What does this thing want, and is it dangerous?
The bright round light stops in front of me, and no longer precedes to come any closer. Then it begins to shine while taking form of a human being. The light didn't quite fade away, but it did show me who the person is and contin
:icondancing-wind:dancing-wind 53 17
Hearts On Fire (Hiccup X Reader)
(Sorry guys, for the story to work the way I want, you have to look like Astrid. Other things will still be your choice.)
You carefully stepped off the boat looking around. You hadn't seen this place in years. You hadn't seen these PEOPLE in years. You'd always refused to come back when your grandparents came to visit for Snoggletog, but that was because you knew you were old enough to live alone for a couple weeks. It wasn't hard to toss a few logs on the fire or catch a few fish. Plus, you had skills with a sword or axe. You could feed yourself and tend to the house alone and no one in your village ever questioned that. Still, you had to admit that you missed your sister. You two were inseparable when you were very young, but after your parents had opted to send you to live with your grandparents, you had drifted apart. You didn't even visit each other. Most of the kids in the village had never known you even existed.
As you started to wander through town you heard someone yelling as
:iconluvstruckwriter:LuvStruckWriter 124 17
HTTYD Chp1: My life as a half-dragon
Your POV
Human? Not fully, since I got a hard scale with white shiny tail and wings of a dragon.
Dragon? Not really, because I got an appearance and a figure as well as a heart of a human.
But… with this two different breed inside me, which do I belong to? Human? Dragon? Can’t I just choose both?
That will be impossible. If I go to the village, the human will welcomed me with fires and weapons. If I go to the place where the dragons live, some will chased me out from their territory. This shows that I belong to none of them.
If I remember when I was a child of 18 months old, I have an intelligence of the dragon so I remember everything. I remember clearly that my both parents were completely mortal. On the day I was born, my both parent loves me very much even though I am a half-dragon. On the other hand the people in the village don’t. That’s why my parents try to keep me safe and not let villages know about me; however the secret couldn’t keep
:iconhellsinlordz:HellSiNLordZ 38 0
Zootopia by JabberjayArt Zootopia :iconjabberjayart:JabberjayArt 184 16 Reunited by Shanks-kun Reunited :iconshanks-kun:Shanks-kun 662 251 Break Art - Steven and Lion by Sigma-the-Enigma Break Art - Steven and Lion :iconsigma-the-enigma:Sigma-the-Enigma 151 7
Harry Potter x Male!Wizard!Reader- Patronus
Harry Potter x Male!Wizard!Reader- Patronus
((During the the fifth movie, where he formed that group.))
You ran down the hallway practically at the speed of light. You didn't want to miss the Room of Requirments door's closing. You were in luck, however, as you turned the corner and saw Luna heading inside. You ran inside, and skidded to a stop, almost crashing into Harry. "Hi." You said breathlessly, looking into his green eyes. "Sorry if I'm late. Umbridge held me for detention." Harry quirked a brow, and his eyes flickered to the bright red, brand new scar on your hand. You hid it with your sleeve. "It's alright. We're still waiting on everyone to get here. Meanwhile, why don't we work on your patronus?"
You nodded, and set your books down on a table that had been pushed to the side. You took your wand from your robe's pocket, and followed Harry to a deserted corner of the room. "Alright. Now, in order to produce a patronus, you ha
:iconcrazycryaotic:CrazyCryaotic 34 0
Freddy Fazbear by Yoshua40 Freddy Fazbear :iconyoshua40:Yoshua40 9 12 Beauty And The Beast 1991| 2017 by mintmovi3 Beauty And The Beast 1991| 2017 :iconmintmovi3:mintmovi3 40 3


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HEY! check this out, guys! instead of making another fanfiction, i did this!


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